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Gibson Anchoring Systems

Gibson Anchoring Systems is a supplier of building and construction fasteners.

What we offer

Gibson Anchoring Systems offers six categories of building and construction fasteners as follows:

  • Concrete Anchoring Products
  • Self Drilling Screws and Truck Deck Screws
  • Rivets
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Surefix Screws
  • Solar Panel Screws (Dual Thread Stainless Steel)


These six categories of products are sourced from reputable overseas manufacturers. Gibson Anchoring Systems sources products from manufacturers based in England, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and China.

The concrete anchoring products, with the exception of the SDS Plus drill bits, are packaged into black boxes with the Gibson Anchoring Systems silver and white logo printed on them. The company’s by-line of “New Zealand’s own brand of concrete fasteners” is also printed on the boxes to reinforce the fact that it is a “home grown brand”.

Technical support literature is available on all products thereby facilitating the expedient provision of advice to consulting engineers, architects, merchant distributors and end-users of the product. On-going product development and product testing is undertaken utilising the services of Opus Consulting.

Gibson Anchoring Systems also has an alliance with two engineering companies, who can fabricate steel or stainless steel products as required, hence providing a quick and cost effective service.


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